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Human at our Very Fiber
Human at our Very Fiber
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Fiber-Optic Connectivity · Customized Solutions · Digital Technology

IdeaTek. One part rural Kansas geeks, one part super-connectors. We offer innovative solutions built around your unique needs and requirements. We've been at the cutting edge of technology, expanding across Kansas since 1999. We're creative. We don't offer one-size-fits-all plans. We listen — really listen — to you, then design a fiber-based delivery system to serve your exact needs. We bring the will, the ideas, the tools and the spirit to make it happen. You want connectivity that's fast, simple and affordable. We understand that — with every fiber of our being.

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Connectivity You Need
Today and Tomorrow

You want tomorrow’s technology configured precisely to fit your needs today, and flexible enough to keep pace with your growth and changing requirements. Welcome to IdeaTek. We’re a customized fiber-optic delivery provider. You won’t get yesterday’s tired technology patched together to provide less-than-adequate access. We refuse to use it. Instead, we see unlimited streams of vital information delivered straight to you. We help you determine exactly what you need – now and down the road. Then we give you systems and infrastructure with the power to bring your dreams to life. At a competitive price you can afford.

Our Broad Range of Capabilities

  • Fiber-Delivered Internet
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • Dark Fiber Options
  • VoIP
  • Phone Lines
  • TV/Video
  • Metro Fiber Ring
  • Small-Cell Deployment
  • Wide Area Network
  • PRI/Digital Trunking
  • Long Distance & Toll-Free
  • eFax
  • Voicemail
  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Wavelength Capacity
  • Layer II Transport
  • Point-to-Point


IdeaTek Small Cell

The Cell Phone Antenna of the Future – Here Today

Have you ever lost cell phone and data service at a big event? Or been in a home or office where reception comes and goes? Usually at the least convenient time. We have the answer. And no, it doesn’t involve building a bunch more big, intrusive cell towers.

IdeaTek Branding

New Look. Same Dedication to Innovation and Service

We’re on the move – extending our reach, connecting cities to fiber-optic networks all over Kansas. Providing our customers with tailored, just-right services. Over the years we have evolved rapidly, our pioneer spirit driving everything we do.

Who We Serve