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Fiber to the Home

We offer ultra-fast, extremely reliable, unlimited internet service. Fast enough to stream TV uninterrupted. To play high-capacity games. Operate multiple devices. Faster than you can get almost anywhere else in America. To get gigabit fiber internet, complete our form (link below) to let us know you’re interested (And get your neighbors to let us know, too.)

$40 month Gigabit Internet - Introductory Offer
Start out at full gigabit internet service for the cost of standard 5 megabit service. After six months, pay a little more to continue full service, or simply continue at the same price for internet speed that would still be considered fast in most places.* Click here to see if you’re in our service area. *Two-year contract required.
Get Fiber

Gigabit Internet Service for Kansas Towns

We’re set to bring the fastest, most reliable internet to a select group of communities in central Kansas. Click here to see if your community is on our list. But we can’t roll it out one house or even a few houses at a time. In order to bring that kind of world-class fiber service to your Kansas community, we need a couple of things. First, we need enough people in your town to ask for the service and convince local officials to allow us access. Then we need enough people in specific neighborhoods to ask for our service. Fill out our survey and let us know you’re interested. Then spread the word. Once we’ve reached critical mass in your town, we’ll be off and running. And we run really fast, too.

Additional Capabilities
  • Work from home at business-level speeds and capacity
  • Service capacity for 1, 10, even 100 devices
  • No service usage limits
  • Dedicated service
  • No land line required
You Name It, We Support It
  • Up to 1000X faster Internet

  • Sharp, uninterrupted TV
  • Stream Netflix, Roku, Apple TV and more
  • The fastest, most demanding games
  • Fitbit access that doesn’t cause fits
  • Multiple-device HD video chatting
  • Smooth connections for cloud computing
  • Home security, online education, medical monitoring
  • HD teleconferencing, Skype etc. (See the kids in lifelike quality)
  • And anything else that requires fast, high-volume data service