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The Advantages of Fiber

April 30, 2015 • Jerrod Reimer • Advantages of fiber

Fiber: The Future Is Now

You will have fiber to your home. The only question is when.

Fiber moves virtually unlimited amounts of data at the speed of light. Already, fiber carries the vast majority of digital signals in the U.S. and the rest of the industrialized world. Because of the way the internet infrastructure developed, technologies other than fiber actually deliver the signals into most homes and businesses. These outdated technologies constitute a bottleneck, limiting both the speed and the amount of data.

For example, cable delivers a shared bandwidth that reacts to the amount of use on the line. So multiple users within your own house or business dilute your bandwidth and slow your service response. Even worse, you’re sharing your service with any other users on your line. Ever been on the internet at about 5:30 p.m., when everyone’s just getting home, and noticed a sudden lag?

The Possibilities Are Limitless 

When you have fiber direct to your home or business, however, you can take advantage of data transfer speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second, no limit on capacity and no competition for your bandwidth.

• Up to 1000X faster Internet
• Sharp, uninterrupted TV

• Stream Netflix, Roku, Apple TV and more

• The fastest, most demanding games

• Fitbit access that doesn’t cause fits

• Multiple-device HD video chatting

• Smooth connections for cloud computing

• Home security, online education, medical monitoring

• HD teleconferencing, Skype etc. (See the kids in lifelike quality)

• Anything else that requires fast, high-volume data service

Additional Capabilities

Fiber to the home means you can work from home at business-level speeds and capacity. Use many separate devices without a drop-off in service to any of them. Use as much data as you need. Enjoy dedicated, individual service.

Future Proof

When you bring fiber direct to your home, you complete the circuit for the best available internet service. Not only will it allow you to do anything that’s currently possible to do with internet data, it will continue to meet your needs as new internet applications develop.

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