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Small Business Services

Small Business Internet, Telephone and

Wi-Fi Service

Small Business Internet

Choose 5 mbps if your business makes only light demands on the internet, such as for email or web searches. Or opt for gigabit-per-second for all the ultra-fast speeds and unlimited capacity. That’s more than 200 times the speed at a little more than double the price.

5 megabits-per-second

Small Business Telephone


Premium WiFi

$25/month per access point

Business Premium WiFi FAQ

What is included in the Business Premium WiFi plan?

  • Two SSID’s, allowing for  two password protected WiFi signals–one for your business and one for your guests
  • Up to four Access Point (AP) transmitters as needed, defined by our installation team

Am I eligible?
To be eligible for our Business Premium WiFi plan, the AP must be routed directly to IdeaTek’s CPE or router equipment. If your business has an internal network or firewall already established, you may not be eligible.

If I have a network already, what does Business Premium WiFi do for me?
Business Premium WiFi allows you to create a private and public access point to the internet. This provides you an option to offer guests, customers and employees access to your internet service wirelessly.