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The Fiber Advantage

The Fiber Advantage for Ultra-Fast, Reliable, Unlimited Internet Service

In the future, virtually all internet connections will be fiber, for the simple reason that fiber is better. In every way. Already today, every time you access the internet, your signal ultimately ends up on a fiber carrier. The difference is that there are still a lot of bottleneck technologies out there slowing signals down and limiting capacity. Wireless, cable, DSL, satellite. They are all slower, less reliable and capacity-limiting. You may have heard that the U.S. lags most of the industrialized world in internet speed and capacity. That’s because most American households and businesses rely on these outdated delivery systems.

IdeaTek skips yesterday’s technologies to bring fiber right to your door. That means unlimited capacity. Ultra reliability. And the fastest data stream speeds available. Anywhere. So you can say that the world’s best internet service is in South Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden – and your house. Or business. But we don’t just rest on our superior technology. We work hard to give our customers the best possible service. Because our customers are our neighbors. We’re locally owned and we share your dreams and aspirations for stronger communities, a solid and growing local economy and a better Kansas. IdeaTek. Real people delivering world-class technology and service. Right to your door.