Fiber FAQ
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Who We Are

A Wild Fiber Network Journey

We’ve been on a wild journey the past few years. Our chief innovation officer, Daniel Friesen, started IdeaTek in 1999 with the goal of providing fiber-based services to underserved areas in Kansas. Through more than a decade of growth and transformation, we developed partnerships with major wireless carriers and delivered custom solutions to businesses, schools, healthcare providers and government entities. In the past few years alone, we grew by 78 percent and in 2013 were listed in “Inc. Magazine” as one of the 100 fastest-growing telecommunication companies in the U.S. We built a fiber network that spanned the state. But we found that our new activities were taking us away from our original purpose. So we sold the statewide fiber network but retained our rural community network.

Back to Our Kansas Roots

Now we’re back, bringing world-class internet to Kansas communities. Contributing to our Kansas quality of life. Helping our corner of the world to not just stay competitive, but to make a major leap forward. The towns we serve don’t just have an edge over their neighbors. They have a significant competitive advantage over the vast majority of towns and cities in America. And that’s the way we like it. We’re back to doing exactly what we set out to do.

We Do It Right – Fast, Reliable, Unlimited Fiber Internet

We are one part rural Kansas geeks, and one part super-connectors bringing fiber directly to the home. We are dreamers who solve real-life problems and service nuts who just wanna help. We are technology junkies and community players. We skip yesterday’s technologies to deliver ultra-fast, extremely reliable, unlimited fiber-based internet service without compromise. Our experience and expertise lets us do it right. We’re bringing the lucky communities of central Kansas the most progressive technology available.